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If you have to eat an elephant, remember, you can only eat it 1 bite at a time. Use mediation to tackle your elephant.

Experience matters. Kimberly Canova has over 30 years of negotiating, mediating and lawyering under her belt. Many firms have 7 lawyers combined experience. Few have just 1 person with that level of experience and expertise. 

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Mediation is a better process to resolve your legal issues involving your family. Domestic Relations Judges prefer that parties make the decisions as to what their children's futures, who gets what car and what happens with the family pet. Many of our judges who handle a lot of domestic relations cases insist that the parties give mediation a try before asking the Court to get involved. Mediation is the new norm to handle divorces, custody modifications, child support, spousal support, and paternity actions. 

Child Custody

Child custody issues are involved in at least 90% of our mediations. Why? Our kids are the most important thing we have in life and putting our children's futures in the hands of a total stranger is not the best idea. Judges who hear custody cases will tell you that they are difficult to hear because of the emotional issues involved, the pressure of making life altering decisions is very demanding and they would much rather the 2 parents make those decisions. 

Custody cases are successfully mediated the far majority of the time. How? By open communication between the parents in the mediation process. By both parents getting to speak about their concerns and be heard by the other parent. By both parents getting to say what they really want to say, even things that might be not admissible in a courtroom because of rules against hearsay and the like. 

Mediation provides a comfortable, safe environment for both parents to have a conversation wherein they get to speak openly about their concerns and they get to be heard. Mediation is a conversation between the 2 people with the most to lose in a custody fight.  


What is your child's life going to look life after their parents no longer live together?  That is possibly the most important concern for each parent in a custody/visitation struggle. This is not a question that should be answered by a lawyer or a judge. This is at the heart of every parent's right for their decisions to be made and respected. 

Visitation mediated extremely often. Every parent wants more time with their kids. Oftentimes, if the kids got to make the decisions, their parents would each live in adjoining condo units. That kind of togetherness is not usually the best idea, long term. So, we come together to discuss your child's particular circumstances and formulate what the parents find to be the best plan.


One or both parents being unable or unwilling to provide for their children's needs is far too common. Drug and/or alcohol addiction inevitably affects a parent's ability to provide proper care for their children. If both parents are at a point in their lives wherein they can't care of themselves, much less 3 toddlers, a family member or other person with a close relationship with the child can seek custody of those kids until one or both of their parents are in a better place in life. Being in a court of law and having a judge take your child away from you is an unimaginable scenario. 

Mediation provides an opportunity for the parents and the person seeking custody to exchange their concerns and get a plan that will keep their children healthy, happy and safe. Through the mediation, visitation with parents can be discussed and resolved without a judge telling you when you get to see your kids.


Adoption of a minor is appropriate when one parent has not been playing the role of a concerned parent. That child has a right to have 2 fit and proper parents. Oftentimes, a stepparent has been stepping up and assuming the role of the missing parent. If a parent has failed to have meaningful contact with their child for a significant period of time or has not been financially responsible for their child for a period of time, the question becomes whether the failing parent needs to be replaced. Mediation 

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About Canova Law & Mediation

Kimberly Canova has been a licensed and practicing attorney in the Northwest Arkansas area since 1992. She has a tremendous record of litigating cases when fairness cannot be reached outside the courtroom. The law and the courtroom are there only if the parties cannot reach an agreement that is fair and tolerable to each party. The art of mediation is to shift the way people approach negotiation. In negotiations, any offer you make needs to include some reason why the other party would be attracted to it. It is not strictly about what is in it for you. Mediation is based on giving what you need to give to get what you really want. Kimberly has been a certified domestic mediator since 2005 and has successfully assisted hundreds of people in reaching solid agreements and avoiding the courtroom. Kimberly's experience in the courtroom has given her a significant insight into how a particular judge may view an issue. She has spoken at numerous continuing mediation education programs since 2005, indicating the value her fellow attorneys put in her abilities as a mediator.

Mediation Services and Legal Assistance Legal Team

Meet the team

Kimberly Canova assists people in the mediation process as well as practices law. Tony Canova is the man behind the scene working with clients in obtaining and receiving the information necessary for a successful mediation.

Kimberly Canova

Attorney and Certified Domestic Relations Mediator

Kimberly received her Jurisdoctorate from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 1992, following her undergraduate degree at Hendrix College in 1989. She has been married to Tony Canova since 1995 and they have three children, Paolo, Sam and Gabriella.

Tony Canova

Mediation Coordinator

Tony Canova is our wonderful mediation coordinator. He is from the Northwest Arkansas area and graduated from Hendrix College in 1990. He and Kimberly Canova have been married since 1995 and are the proud parents of three children. We believe that you should never make important decisions on an empty stomach. Luckily, Tony loves to put together some great food for our mediation participants. Tony is a people person and loves to work with our clients to arrange mediations and make certain everyone has the proper information available to make educated decisions.

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